A little bit about myself; born in 1968 in Tanzania, grew up in Friesland (the Netherlands) and live nowadays in Utrecht. I studied psychology for a while but switched to photography, have been working as a photographer for many years. There always has been an interest in combining photography with drawing and painting and the computer opened up even more ways to combine photography with drawing. It resulted in what you see now on my website, drawing combined with digital painting is slowly taking over my creative process.
The work is printed with a lambda printer, glued on dibond with anti-reflex plexiglass on the frontside.
Above A3+ size all works are limited to 15 editions. Price is  € 800,-  without tax for 90cm by 90cm. For different sizes please contact me​​​​​
20cm * 20cm print on wood (see picture below) is €65,- including shipment.

8-9 september 2012: Fort aan de Klop 
23 september 2012: Open Atelierroute 2012 Oog in Al
april t/m juni 2012 Theater Achterom Hilversum 
31 okt t/m 2 nov 2015 deelname aan expositie ‘Grenzen van elastiek' in Maastricht
31 juli t/m 3 juni 2018 deelname aan expositie ‘Art of Life’ in Utrecht

Ronald Brokke
Alberdingk Thijmstraat 54
3532VL Utrecht
The Netherlands
(Netherlands: 06-26374783)
Please feel free to contact me;
Thank you!